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Let Your Intuition Help You

Create The Business You Desire

  M E N T O R   F O R   C O A C H E S   

As a coach in the online space,

you are faced with a myriad of decisions every single day.

From the small micro decisions to the big ones: what courses to take, what hire to make, what strategy will move you forward. Often these choices are wrapped up in persuasive marketing designed to stifle your intuition. So it’s no wonder you don’t always make the right decision for you. 

Whether it’s a strategy that worked for one coach, but isn’t getting you clients (clue: because it’s their strategy not yours). Or financial success that doesn’t bring you the freedom or inner spark you’d imagined.

Or simply it might be that your day is filled with ‘shoulds and to do lists’ that feel heavy when you wanted to achieve ease and flow in your business. 

There is a better way!

An easier path is awaiting you when you follow your inner guidance.

The answers lie inside you

If you allow it your Higher Self and your intuition will be your best guides.  
To have access to your intuition again you need to leave the mental hamster-wheel behind. That's what my my intuitive art drawings help you do: in a visual way they show you your own inner truth.
You will see in these drawings how they reinforce what you already knew deep inside.
Each drawing connects you deeper with your intuition and allows your true self to come to the fore. The whole process will take your intuition to a whole new level!

How I Can Help You

Mentoring Package

  My bespoke mentoring packages are tailored to your needs. I am your background support giving you the space to talk things through, let go of emotions and regain perspective to get back into alignment.

Instant Clarity Mentoring Session

  75 min. Get the clarity you need to move on with your business in a single session. You will leave the session with a clear answer and action steps that will feel inspired to you.

Create the business you truly desire 

Do you already know what it is your really want? Fine, then let's make this real for you! 
If not, let's find out first!

Mentoring with me will help you to make aligned decisions - and you will see how with each aligned decision your life and business will shift towards the one you want to create.

You'll find ease instead of "shoulds and musts". Because once you start making decisions that are in alignment with yourself the actions you take will feel inspired and easy.

That's what clients say about working with me:

What is it you want to align with?

Ready to take your next step to create the life and business you desire?
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